Endless Depths of Aquatic Life in Dallas

Our oceans, lakes, and rivers are just as teeming with life – if not more so – as the surface, and we have yet to even scratch the surface of the ocean’s vast ecosystems. While Texas is pretty far inland, our luxury apartments at Alexan Ross put you close to several great zoos and aquariums to offer the next best experience, perfect for residents and guests of all ages.

The Dallas World Aquarium is one of the city’s highest rated attractions, thanks to its great variety and beauty of all its exhibits. It’s located two miles away from our luxury apartments, so you and your loved ones can simply drive down in eight minutes or less. As of today, there are six unique exhibits to explore and marvel at: the Mundo Maya, for example, features an indoor rainforest full...

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luxury Dallas apartment community

Laid-Back Leisure in Our Dallas Apartment Community

Sometimes the best relief for stress is a moment of laziness, whether you’re simply taking a few minutes by the water cooler in the office to mentally rest, or you plan to make the most of an entire weekend to...

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luxury Dallas apartments

Luxury Dallas Apartments with Modern Design and Ease

While we may find ourselves getting nostalgic as we get older, whether it was over an older style of fashion or perhaps while rediscovering a favorite film of yours, today is always the best time to live in. It’s...

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two-bedroom Dallas luxury apartment

B2: Two-Bedroom Dallas Luxury Apartment for Sharing

Nothing quite beats the satisfaction of having good company, whether it’s a significant other you’ve loved for years, a close friend you treat as family, or even a circle of the co-workers you trust most. Here at...

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Gemma beef dish

Gemma near Alexan Ross

Make sure your next home has enough comfortable luxury to last. Alexan Ross, luxury apartment homes has the lifestyle you crave. Enjoy comfy, luxury apartment features that make life easier. How beautiful would you prefer your life? Come home to pure relaxation every time you step through your door. Choose the floorplan that is right for you. Every layout is spacious and inviting. Throw a...

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