Endless Depths of Aquatic Life in Dallas

Our oceans, lakes, and rivers are just as teeming with life – if not more so – as the surface, and we have yet to even scratch the surface of the ocean’s vast ecosystems. While Texas is pretty far inland, our luxury apartments at Alexan Ross put you close to several great zoos and aquariums to offer the next best experience, perfect for residents and guests of all ages.

The Dallas World Aquarium is one of the city’s highest rated attractions, thanks to its great variety and beauty of all its exhibits. It’s located two miles away from our luxury apartments, so you and your loved ones can simply drive down in eight minutes or less. As of today, there are six unique exhibits to explore and marvel at: the Mundo Maya, for example, features an indoor rainforest full of some of the most vibrant species of reptile, fish, mammals, and birds in South America; while the gigantic main aquarium stands as the home to several thousands of unique flora and fauna that can be found in fresh or salt waters. Feedings and live talks with zoologists’ cycle throughout the day in several of the exhibits, so make sure to time your visit well to get a closer experience to all the wondrous creatures within the aquarium. Finally, there are three restaurants located throughout the aquarium, ranging from high-end cuisine to family-favorite lunch dishes, so you and your loved ones can stop and refresh yourselves in the wild atmosphere.

Delve into the riches of watery life at Alexan Ross. Visit our luxury apartments in Dallas and the Dallas World Aquarium this weekend.

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