various snowcones in different flavors - Snow Cones with an Elevated Twist in Dallas

Snow Cones with an Elevated Twist in Dallas

Snow cones are a classic summertime treat. Remember being a kid and cooling off with your friends and neighbors? Recapture some nostalgia and a tasty treat at Ruby’s Sno-Balls near Alexan Ross. While autumn may be making its approach, our luxury apartment neighborhood at Alexan Ross encourages you to enjoy summer while it lasts, including all its treats.

Snow Cones with an Elevated Twist

Ruby’s Sno-Balls is a local dessert shop specializing in, you guessed it, snowballs and cones, perfect against the intense Texas heat. It’s right around the corner from our luxury apartments. No more than five hundred feet away, so you can save gas and walk to their front door in just two minutes. All their snowball flavors are naturally created and feature organic sugar and ingredients. Enjoy classic flavors like blue coconut, dreamsicle, Tiger’s Blood, or Wedding Cake. Or go for their specialty flavors, like Thai tea and orchid vanilla. Munch on fresh flavors like Earl Grey, lavender, orange blossom lemonade, and hibiscus pomegranate. Their take-out service makes it easy to pick up your snowballs and eat them at home, even on your patio.

Savor the last tastes of summer here at Alexan Ross. Visit Ruby’s Sno-Balls for snow cones with an elevated twist for your next treat.

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