Staying Close to Home is Pure Joy

As things start coming back to the way everyone remembers them, it is time to think about your private refuge. Staying close to home is pure joy when you live at Alexan Ross. See what Dallas’ premium luxury apartment homes have to offer from the convenience of your laptop. Find the opulent floorplan that is right for your when you schedule your online virtual tour. No matter which plan you choose, every layout gives you the space you need to relax. Every home has luxury apartment features that cradle you in comfort. Cooking will never be the same once you meal prep in your new gourmet kitchen. Slice and dice to your heart’s content. Luxury also means convenience, with community amenities that shrink your to-do list. Click away all night long, knowing 24/7 package service via Hub by Amazon is there to serve you. How do you want to live?

Staying Close to Home is Pure Joy

If all you have ever made in the kitchen is a mess, your new gourmet kitchen may change your mind about cooking. There is something magical that happens to the most humble recipes when cooked in a glorious kitchen. This transformation starts when you slice and dice on your granite or quartz countertops. Whether you slice, dice, cube, Julienne, or de-bone your cooking gets an upgrade with prep surfaces like these. If you like to cook for the week, or the freezer, you will love your double-oven. The only thing that makes roasts better is more roasts, and you can certainly accomplish that with twice the firepower a double-oven brings. Stainless steel appliances, including a built-in refrigerator and front control range, are the best helpers you can have in the kitchen. Stretch your culinary imagination to the limit. Relaxing after cooking is easy inside your sleek luxury spa shower/tub combo.

Staying close to home is pure joy when you live at Alexan Ross, luxury apartment homes in Dallas, Texas. Schedule your online virtual tour today.

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