Succulent Sushi in Dallas

Japanese cuisine is perhaps one of the most innovative in world cultures, primarily because they’ve managed to invent so many flavors and entrees from a limited range of resources, such as their rice fields and the vast ocean surrounding them. While we don’t necessarily have any of these resources near our luxury apartments in Alexan Ross, we do have incredible sushi restaurant options that you and your guests can enjoy right from your doorstep.

Uchi – which translates into “home” or “house” – is a contemporary Japanese restaurant highly rated on TripAdvisor for its high-quality ingredients and amazing Sunrise Kingdom flavor. It’s only two miles away from our luxury apartments in uptown Dallas, so you can drive to their front doors in just ten minutes or, if you want to save on parking, you can take a half-hour bus ride through town. Their permanent menu has several selections and plates that anyone can enjoy: start out your meal with an appetizer such as their fresh daikon Uchi salad or their crunchy onion ring tempura; and then move onto the main course with seventeen variations of sushi and sashimi, including unagi freshwater eel, Hamachi yellowtail, and kinoko mushroom. Not in the mood for sushi? No worries. They have plenty of hot tastings for you to try, such as their yuzu masu ocean trout with cucumber or their hot rock wagyu beef. Finally, don’t forget to pair your meal with a refreshing beverage, such as their hot imported sake or their wide selection of red or white wine.

Enjoy the best sushi of Japan without ever leaving your comfort zone here at Alexan Ross. Reserve a table at Uchi and a tour of our Dallas luxury apartments for your next craving.

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